Michael Biehn und Jennifer Blanc-Biehn „Wir freuen uns auf den Release von The Victims in Deutschland“

Michael Biehn und Jennifer Blanc-Biehn sind ein Schauspieler-Ehepaar. Michael Biehn ist bekatt aus Filmen wie Aliens – Die Rückkehr, Terminator oder Abyss. Jennifer Blanc-Biehn ist bekannt aus Filmen und Serien wie The Mommies oder auch  Dark Angel. Beide drehen auch seit einigen Jahren zusammen Filme. Daraus entstanden Filme wie etwa The Blood Bond und The Victim.

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Michael! In highschool you were part of an acting club. Was it your alltime dream being an actor?

Michael Biehn: At that time no but enjoyed it

Jennifer, At the age of 13 already you acted in the theater.

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn: Yes


So your request being an actor was steadily there. How did you create your path to realize this?

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn: I started by singing and my whole family has has always been very supportive.

Michael, Was it difficult due to the fact of being a lawyers´ son confessing to the wish being an actor?

Michael Biehn: Yes a bit when i first decided to stop College and move to L.A.

Jennifer, One of your first roles in TV was in the movie „Married with Children“. 

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn: Great fun tv show.

Previously in the theater you´ve had concerns that a „funny“ role would not foster a good career for an actor. How did you sense this?

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn: I do think you can do comedy and be a serious actor as well but comedy is quite a task. Its a skill for sure.


Michael, by reading and hearing your name we´re having memories of the good old times. Terminator, Aliens, Abyss…. You still produce very good movies. 

Michael Biehn: Thank you.

You´re also contributing to computer games such as Command & Conquer  Tiberian Sun or the newest one Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. Are you playing them yourself or do you have no time for them?

Michael Biehn: i dont play them but my kids do and i find it very exciting that i am working on things they like

Rex Colt is the protagonist in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon. what do you both have in common? Is there anything?

Michael Biehn: I think he is much more of a badass than me i am sure there are some things   our voice ? LOL!


Jennifer, 2010 you acted together with your husband Michael in the movie „The Divide“. How is it like when you combine job and partnership? 

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn: Its great. we do many jobs of our as well but.  Nice when we can produce some or work together.

Isn´t it causing nonavoidable stress?

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn: Sometimes and sometimes just fun. I think communication as best as we are is most important and wonderful.


Your new joint project is called „The Victims“. In July the DVD will be published in Germany. 

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn: Yes, Michael and I are very happy that „The Victims“ will be released by tiberious in the German territory

Please, tell us what´s about it.

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn: About a stripper running from bad cops. Protected by a loner in the woods.  Full sexploitation and grindhouse movie.

When have you ever been in Germany for the last time?

Michael Biehn: Yes quite a few times. Last time was a few years ago. But planning to be there this year.


When you think about Germany, what’s your first thought?

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn: Munich. I had a car accident there. ughh LOL

Do you want to say something special to the german fans?

Michael Biehn: Check out the victim. I wrote and directed it and star opposite Jennifer Blanc Biehn and Danielle Harris and more in it. Have fun its an exploitation movie. Low budget thriller. Sex. Violence

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn: Soooo excited to see you all in the fall. bring your copies of the victim to get signed yay

With who would you not like to sit in a sauna?

Michael Biehn: Jen

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn: Michael 

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