Auf Syfy die erste Staffel von „Alphas“ sehen

Am 14. Februar startet die Serie Alphas auf dem Sender Syfy und wird dann immer Donnerstags um 20:15 Uhr gezeigt. Bei dieser Serie gibt es ein Team mit außergewöhnlichen Kräften. Zusammen klären sie verbrechen auf. Ein Teil des Teams ist übrigens Nina, gespielt von der US-Schauspielerin Laura Menell, die in einem Interview mit uns ihren Charakter Nina erklärte. 

Laura Menell

Nina’s strong, yet vulnerable underneath it all.  She also has a haunted past and this past season she reverted back to being a bit of a “bad girl”.  As the season progressed, Nina had a lot of redeeming to do with those she truly cares about.  She also has the ability to manipulate and persuade others to do just about anything she wants through a sort of hyper-hypnosis/mind-control.  It’s interesting playing a role that has so much easily attainable power.  It’s something many fans of the show envy, being able to have the freedom to do, or essentially get, anything you want.  But I find the detrimental effects of having that kind of unlimited power to be more interesting.  It’s got to screw you up to a certain extent, and those downfalls were something that were nicely explored this year.  It’s hopefully something that can be expanded upon in a third season, if we get renewed.

-Laura Menell