Interview mit der US-Autorin Katie MacAlister „I’m starting a new series now, and hope, if all goes well“


Katie MacAlister ist eine US-amerikanische Autorin, welche historische, zeitgenössische und paranormale Romanzen schreibt.

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nachgebloggt bedankt sich ganz herzlich für dieses Interview. Es ist nicht selbstverständlich, dass jeder sich die Zeit nimmt für ein Interview, für seine Fans, für interessierte Menschen. Wenn Dir dieses Interview gefällt, sage es gerne weiter und wenn Du noch Fragen hast, darfst Du diese gerne hier stellen.


Hello Katie. Could you please introduce yourself a bit? Who are you, when did you start writing and where is your inspiration for such amazing stories come from?

I write a variety of romances—everything from paranormal to contemporary, historical, and young adult books—and sometimes stray out into the world of mysteries and steampunk, as well. I live on the west coast of the US with two dogs who really think they are furry kids, and have a number of interests that vary from spinning my own yarn from wool and silk, to learning how to play the piano, and speak Russian.

I started writing fiction in 2000, after writing non-fiction software books for a few years. Those were boring, and I decided that since I had far more fun writing fiction, that’s what I’d concentrate on doing.


Do you have any writing rituals? What does a typical writing-day look like for you?

I don’t really have any rituals. If I gave into that sort of behavior, I’d never get any writing done, and my deadlines zoom up on me too quickly as is. 🙂

Usually I write for about five hours, then do book related things like answering posts on Facebook and Twitter, do interviews, blog posts, write promotional items for various spots (short stories, etc.), and can also be in the middle of doing edits or reading galleys for upcoming books. By the evening, my brain is too tired to do any more writing, and that’s when I reward it with either movies, or some online gaming fun.


Are there going to be any more dragon books after Baltic’s? Or will the dragon series end there? And if so, will we learn more about Cyrene and the naiads? Do you have any plans for Kostya and Bastian?

Baltic and Ysolde will most likely not have another book where they are the focus. I think I’ve wrapped up all the issues regarding their story arc, but they will absolutely be included in future books, since they will have roles to play in subsequent storylines.

Most likely I will tackle Kostya next, although Bastian and the red dragons are definitely in my sights as well. And I have a feeling that Cyrene will be back as well. I suspect we aren’t rid of her quite so easily. 🙂


Your female characteres are often very clumsy and have some flaws. Are there some properties which were mirroring you?

If it’s a flaw, you can pretty much assume it’s based on something I see in myself. I tend to be very clumsy, and can frequently be oblivious (Aisling can thank me for that trait) about things that are obvious to others. That’s another reason why so many of my heroines are tall—I’m almost six feet tall myself, so I have a hard time connecting with what it’s like to be on the shorter side of life.

And my heroines all have a fine appreciation of a sense a humor, which is of vital importance to me. So yes, quite often the heroines’ traits are what strike a chord with me.


I’ve heard that you are working two new secret projects? You could give us a hint what those are about?

I’m only working on one right now, and that’s a brand new paranormal series that will feature a new “race” of people who haven’t yet appeared in any of my books. I’m very excited about the series because it’s something that has a different feel to it, and yet I think will interest my readers. At least I hope it will. Specifics, I’m afraid, will have to wait until later, but basically it is a new series, will feature one hero and heroine per book (so it won’t be multiple books per couple as with the dragons), and the first book will be out in…eek!…May 2013. I need to get writing!


Which is you favorite character and your favourite pairing in your books and why?

This is always such a hard question to answer because I am a fickle, fickle thing, and my favorite is usually the hero from the last book I’ve written. Right now, I’ve just read through the galleys of A Tale of Two Vampires, and I’m madly smitten with the hero, Nikola. But I think if I try to pick out just one hero, I’d go with Jack Fletcher from Steamed. For females, it has to be Aisling Grey. And as a couple…Ysolde and Baltic, hands down. They have a relationship that makes me alternate between giggling and getting weepy-eyed over the sadness they’ve endured.


What are your plans for the future? Where will we see you next?

I’m starting a new series now, and hope, if all goes well, to have a little extra time in my calendar to write a book that isn’t contracted, something just for fun the way I did with It’s All Greek to Me. I really want to write another historical, another Karma Marx book, and a sequel to Steamed. So my future involves a lot of writing. 🙂

My next book is A Tale of Two Vampires, which will be out in the US in September, followed by a vampire novella in the Undead in My Bed anthology (which will be out in the US in October).


With who would you not like to sit in a sauna?

Colin Firth. There’s just no way on this good, green earth that I could sit in a sauna with him and not fling myself on him, wrestle him to the ground, and do wanton things to him that would likely shock us both. Not that I wouldn’t love to do just that, mind you, but there are others to think of, so it’s really better if Colin and I are not put in the same sauna. Sad, I know, but I’m willing to make this sacrifice for the good of the world.

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