Andrea James Lui „I have spent the last 5 years learning fight techniques“

Andrea James Lui ist eine kanadische Schauspielerin mit chinesischer Herkunft. Aktuell erschien in Deutschland der Film Bounty Hunters, in dem sie eine Kampfszene mit Trish Stratus hat.

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I studied karate for about 10 years and have spent the last 5 years learning fight techniques specifically for stage and screen, so I guess you could say I had about 15 years of training for my fights with Trish

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How did your passion for acting develop? Do you remember a particular moment in your life when you decided that you wanted to be an actor?

I was pretty shy as a kid, but I’ve always been interested in entertainment, particularly film, because of its potential to inspire and sometimes even educate. So toward the end of high school when it came time to apply for university, I figured I’d better give acting a crack or I’d have to choose a real career! I didn’t know where I could study film acting and I wanted to go to university, so I ended up with a degree in theatre, which sparked my passion for live performance. But a few years ago, I finally came back around to my initial passion for film – I started training at an acting studio that a friend of mine from ages ago had up and running in Toronto. It was shortly after that I booked the role in Bounty Hunters, which was my first feature film.

In Germany, many actors start their careers at the theatre and proceed to work in television / the movies only later. Is it the same in Canada? Where did you start your career?

I started out in theatre before moving onto film; now I go back and forth. I’ve found stage and screen acting vary greatly from each other, almost like playing two different sports, where some of the same skills are required, but they manifest in very different ways. Theatre and film seem to attract different kinds of actors as well – almost everyone I’ve worked with in theatre has had lots of training and experience in theatre, while many people I’ve worked with in film have extremely varied backgrounds. For example, Trish has obviously extensive experience performing live in massive arenas throughout her wrestling career, whereas Boomer’s experience is in comedy with improvisation and hosting, so Bounty Hunters was the first feature film for all three of us.

„ Bail Enforcers “ releases in Germany in the next few days on dvd. The title is different here, it’s called “Bounty Hunters”. What do you remember when you think at the production?

I remember shooting fights in the middle of the night in the cold of Canadian winter… which might sound a bit miserable, but we had an amazing cast and crew so it was tons of fun. We all kept each other safe & warm and passed the down time with sleepless delirium!

For how long did you train the final fight with Trish Stratus?

Trish and I only had a couple of days together to rehearse both of our fights. But she spent much more time with our Fight Director, training in Krav Maga. It was his intention to give each character a distinct fight style – so Trish fought fast and close with Krav Maga, while Boomer body checked like a hockey brawler, and I used my training in karate. I studied karate for about 10 years and have spent the last 5 years learning fight techniques specifically for stage and screen, so I guess you could say I had about 15 years of training for my fights with Trish 🙂

As an actor in a US-Movie, how much freedom do you have to interpret your character?

Specifically for Bounty Hunters, the creative team had a pretty clear vision of the archetype they were aiming for with my character. As the actor, my aim is to infuse that character with as much depth and intention as possible. Because my role was so physical, I tried to incorporate my interpretation into my fighting.

What are your plans for the future? Where will we see you next?

I’ve recently picked up aerial pole dancing. Despite the misconceptions about pole dancing, it’s becoming a popular form of fitness and acrobatic dance, with competitions worldwide. I’m hoping to compete in the Canadian competition next year… but we’ll see where I end up between now and then. In the meantime, I’m awaiting the release of a book trailer on YouTube that I shot recently, in which I got to perform wire stunts and fight with a Samurai sword. I also, continue to perform onstage with my sketch comedy troupe, Asiansploitation, so if you’re ever in Toronto… 🙂

When you think about germany, what’s your first thought?


Have you ever been in Germany?

No, but I love to travel and am anxious to visit one day…

Do you want to say something special to the german fans?

Yes! I would love to visit Germany one day, where must I visit and what must I eat?? Tweet me @MsAJL!

With who would you not like to sit in a sauna?

My initial answer was Marilyn Monroe… until I read the question more closely. With whom would I not like to sit in a sauna? Voldemort.

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