Kalimba Bennett „Being an actor is kinda like being a door to door salesman“

Kalimba Bennett is a Actress. Half Brazilian, Half Texan. Full-on lover of life. Always rooting for the underdog. If there’s music on, she´s dancing.

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I remember spending a lot of time screaming, crying and being terrified.  I was exhausted at the end of each work day.

Kalimba Bennett

Your first name is really something spezial. I’ve read on your Homepage that your hippie parents named you “Kalimba”. I myself have sometimes some problems with my surname, do you have them too? Ask some people twice your first name? 

Yes, my parents named me after an African thumb piano that my father makes and plays.  And, yes, almost every time I meet someone new I have to repeat my name.  It was hard having such a unique name as a kid, but I love it now.  It’s a great conversation starter!

How did your passion for acting develop? Do you remember a particular moment in your life when you decided that you wanted to be an actor?

Hmmm…well, I’ve been in the performing arts my whole life – dancing, gymnastics, community theatre – so I think performing is just in my nature.  But I was raised in a very conservative, southern family where there really weren’t any professional artists.  Everyone is either a lawyer, a doctor or some sort of entrepreneur in the world of business.  So, I went to college with every intention of become a sports-medicine doctor.  But at my liberal arts college, to get your degree, you have to take electives and one of the electives I registered for at the end of my freshman year was Acting I.  I took one class and knew I had to change my major.  I was thrilled to be so excited about this new focus, but terrified to tell my family.  „Hey guys, I know you’re spending thousands and thousands of dollars on my brain, and I know I told you I wanted to be a doctor…but guess what?!“  I just knew they were going to either tell me I couldn’t change my major or tell me that I was on my own, if I wanted to enter the entertainment business.  Luckily they were completely loving and supportive and I graduated with a theatre arts degree with an emphasis on acting and directing.

Kalimba Bennett

In Germany, many actors start their careers at the theatre and proceed to work in television / the movies only later. Is it the same in the US?

It used to be that many of the people who I consider to be our greatest American actors started in the theatre.  But I find that now, in the last 10 or so years, fewer and fewer movie stars have any stage experience.  Now I know I sound like I’m 80 years old, but granny thinks that’s a real shame.  There’s such a richness and expansiveness that comes from rehearsing for 6 weeks and then performing the same show night after night.  It’s beautiful and it shows in the work.   The actors I’m most interested in watching come from the theatre – Kate Blanchett, John Malkovich, Meryl Streep, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Gary Oldman, to name a few.  That said, I don’t think Tom Cruise has ever set foot on a stage and I’ll see anything he’s in.

„From the shadows“ releases in germany in the next few days on dvd. The title is different here, it’s called “Naked Fear 3”. What do you remember when you think at the production?

I remember spending a lot of time screaming, crying and being terrified.  I was exhausted at the end of each work day.

Kalimba Bennett

As an actor in a US-Movie, how much freedom do you have to interpret your character?

Each project is it’s own unique experience. Our director, Scott Robert, gave us lots of freedom to explore the characters.

What are your plans for the future? Where will we see you next?

Being an actor is kinda like being a door to door salesman.  Everyday you go out on your auditions, you meet people, you show them your wares and then they decide if what your selling is right for their project.  Eventually one of them sticks.  So, I’ve decided to write my own project with my best friend with the intention of having a little more control.  As much as I love auditioning – I really do!- I think it sounds thrilling to see a project from page to screen.  I’m deeply inspired by people who do that successfully.  Currently you can see me in a supporting role in Open Road’s feature film HIT AND RUN.  That was a super fun gig.  I have a scene opposite Bradley Cooper who is just the world’s nicest, ridiculously handsome guy.

Kalimba Bennett

When you think about germany, what’s your first thought?

Lederhosen.  I’ve always wanted to own a pair.

Have you ever been in germany?

No, but I’d like to.  I have German heritage on my grandmother’s side and I LOVE German beer.

Do you want to say something special to the german fans?

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