Interview mit den rumänischen Latin Pop-Band Mandinga „Zaleilah is already broadcasted in over 44 countries and that means a new road for us“


Mandinga ist eine rumänische Latin Pop-Band. Bekannt wurden sie zuletzt durch ihren Start beim Eurovision Song Contest (ESC 2012) für Rumänien

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It sounds like a summer hit but what means „Zaleilah“ and what is it about?

Elena: We are glad that you like Zaleilah. We really hope that this is not just one year hit, one summer and this is it. We believe that Zaleilah is a song full of energy and we hope that people will keep this hit in their mind many years from now.

Alex: Zaleilah is the name of the dance. Is something we created. Do you know our dance? It’s easy to learn! We have had a big  surprise in Baku when we tried a flash mob with some journalists at Baku Crystal Hall and many of them already knew the steps. 



Is it true that your singer, Elena, wrote this song?

Elena: I’ve written the lyrics together with Costi Ionita and Omar Secada, my colleague from Mandinga. Music is by Costi Ionita, one of the best producers in the Balkans. Is working also with Bob Sinclar , Shaggy, Sonique,  Jesus Luz,Mohombi and  Kat de Luna.


Mandinga is made up of 7 people. At the ESC applies the rule that there are only 6 musicans are allowed at the stage. How have you solved the problem?

Alex: It was very hard for us because we are like a big family. Mandinga is the name of our family and it has 7 members. We tried to focus on the members that play more during Zaleilah. Tony is with trombone, so you don’t hear him so much during this song. It was a difficult decision, but Tony was all the time with us in the Green Room and during the rehearsals, also on interviews and TV appearances. We where separated only for 3 minutes


„Zaleilah“ entered on number 92 of the Media Control Charts in Germany this week. Do you want to start an international carrer?

Alex: This is very easy: YES! Zaleilah is already broadcasted in over 44 countries and that means a new road for us.


What means the ESC to you? Have you ever dreamed being participants of the ESC when you were children?

Elena: We didn’t think that Zaleilah will be on Eurovision. Our fans suggested us to go in the national selection and take part to this amazing contest. Everything was very fast and I still think that is like a dream. We admire the artists that participated to Eurovision and we are glad that Mandinga is now one of them.


How do the Romanians decide who participates in the ESC for them? Are there Casting Shows or something like that?

Alex: On the 10th of March, Mandinga won the national selection for Eurovision due to the high number of votes given by the Romanian audience. In the show, broadcasted live by TVR 1, the public station from Romania, a professional jury and viewers decided the winner. 15 songs competed in the final to represent Romania at Eurovision Song Contest 2012, in Baku.


What are your plans for the future? Where will we see you next?

Alex: We have a new album, a new show – Club de Mandinga. I’ve worked hard on creating a movie about our first 10 years of existence and we are preparing the launch for it. On 19th June we will be back in Baku for a concert and until then we have almost every day a concert in different cities from Romania.



With who would you not like to sit in a sauna?

Alex: With a person that forget to take a shower before 

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Übersetzung von Katja Lehmann