Interview mit den Sängerinnen, Songwriterinnen und Models The Nervo Twins „We have really enjoyed stepping out from behind the scenes“

The Nervo Twins sind australische Sängerinnen, Songwriterinnen für beispielsweise Richard Grey, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Ashley Tisdale, David Guetta und den the Pussycat Dolls.


Liebe Leserinnen, liebe Leser,

Ich wünsche Euch viel Spaß beim Lesen dieses Interviews.

Fotograf: Dan Monick

Please introduce yourself. Who are those 2 beautiful women behind “Nervo”?

We are two Aussie girls, living in LDN, working around the world as DJ, artist, writer/producers. We’re currently signed to EMI and are working on our second EP / album. 


Why are you starting your own project called “NERVO” after working as co-writers and producers for such a long time?

EMI offered us a record deal about 18 months ago so we thought we would give it a go. It’s great to be able to release songs under your own name / project.

Fotograf: Dan Monick

Your first Single “We’re All No One” has already been published in Germany. When does the album comes out?

We have been writing pretty solidly for the past year and we’re getting closer to having the album done. I’m pretty sure the plan with the label is to stagger the releases with a few EPs first so I’m not sure of when the actual album will drop, but it’s coming… good news is, the longer we take to do the album the more songs we have to choose from 🙂 We’re really happy with the way it’s coming along.


Are there any plans for a tour in Germany in the future?

We have a few DJ gigs coming up this week which we are really excited about. I (Liv) used to live with a German guy and Mim used to date one so we’ve always had a soft spot for Germans. I’m looking forward to tasting all kinds of German food and beer 🙂


You worked in the background for a long time – do you enjoy to be in the spotlight now?

We have really enjoyed stepping out from behind the scenes! The timing felt right and we’re loving the challenge of finishing an album ourselves, and touring is also a lot of fun. We’ve been to so many beautiful places in the world through touring and sometimes I can hardly believe it’s „work“.

You worked together with many famous people like Kylie Minogue and David Guetta. With whom have you enjoyed working together the most?

Every artist we’ve worked with has enriched our journey. We have learned a lot from David (Guetta) and still learn from everyone we work with. We love to collaborate! We love the energy it brings in the studio and we definitely want to continue working with and for other artists. Kylie was one of the sweetest people ever…


Are there any songs that you hold dear?

We hold lots of songs dear to us. They each tell their story. Our current single ‚We’re All No One‘ has a lovely message to it that we like. It’s all about finding someone in life to share things with…


What are your plans for the future? Where will we see and hear you?

We’re constantly touring and writing. We will be in Miami for WMC, Ibiza for the summer and hopefully we’ll be able to play at a few of the European festivals too. And hopefully we get to come to Germany again!


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