Mileta Cvijanovic “YouTube make me famous”

Mileta Cvijanovic (Kroatischer Straßenkünstler), bekannt durch YouTube als Cigo One Man Band, seine Performance des Liedes Budjav Lebac erreichtbei YouTube fast 2 Millionen klicks.

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Ich glaube aus der Sehnsucht mal so wie Rudi Carrell sein zu wollen ging es 1975 als Kandidat in der Kult-Spielshow „Am laufenden Band“ los . Und danach hat mich das Entertainment nicht mehr losgelassen… Sicher war ich aber am Anfang nicht, das ich mein Hobby auch als Beruf leben dürfte. 

Cigo Man Band

Cigo Man Band

For how long did you make music?

I took first time guitar in my life when I was 16 year’s old. (Today I have 34)

How many instruments do you play?

Like one man band I work from 2006, and I play 15 instruments.

What was the point you have decided to entertain as a One Man Band?

I’m street performer from 1995. I start like singer with guitar, and dog (Hippy Stile) than I work also like clown and juggler for many year’s still today. To be oneman band was my dream when I was 12 year’s old because I see one picture in book of English language. Moment what push me up to create my construction was when Romania comes in European community and then they occupied square and street of all Europe like street artist. Start to be big problem have place on the square than I decide to move and play music.

Cigo Man Band

Cigo Man Band

Did the published Videos on YouTube change your life?

YouTube make me famous, and also bring some good job’s, but not really change my life.

Had you ever thought that your performance is so successful and enjoyable, and seen in other countries? What a feeling is it?

I think that people must to follow them wish start be more creative and travel not to stay on the front of computer. Problem of today is that people when see me perform, put out mobile phone o camera and they REC for put on you tube o whatever ,nobody more look me with eye’s. I’m street performer for long time, and I almost perform in all Europe and for me am beautiful that everywhere people react well. Is very nice when you put smile on the face of people whit your job, and this what you create.

There are days in your life where you do not make music?

I almost always improvise and I never practice by home because I don’t have time(I have 2 small kid’s)so I practice only when I work .

Are there ideas to publish your Music on a CD?

This year I hope to realize my first CD.

Cigo Man Band

Cigo Man Band

Do you want to say something special to the German readers of this interview?

I never play like one man band in Germany, but I think to do because German people respect street artist.

Now my last question, i ask every Person: who you would not want to sit in the sauna?

I would like to sit every day in sauna.

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